AI, IoT and Professional Services

AI analysis of of our asset data to enable the most comprehensive profile of asset lifecycle management. Our broad portfolio of Professional Services encompass the full lifecycle of a customer’s IT infrastructure and provide specialist expertise to ensure the delivery of best-practice solutions...


IT Asset Management and Disposal

Properly managing end-of-life IT assets is crucial for maintaining environmental standards. Our experts handle the safe disposal and recycling of outdated or non-functional equipment, strictly adhering to eco-friendly practices and compliance regulations.


Reactive Replacement

Our Reactive Replace service provides a single source for multi-vendor IT support across the entire technology stack. Unrivalled experience providing hardware maintenance support...


Energy-Efficient Solutions

We help optimise your IT infrastructure for energy efficiency, from selecting eco-friendly hardware to implementing power-saving configurations. By reducing energy consumption, your company can both lower operational costs.....


Agile Support

Agile support service is a scalable, responsive extension to an organisation’s own IT function that seamlessly augments in-house technical support services for organisations of all sizes.


Solutions and SD-WAN

Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, Techonomy tailors services to fit your specific needs. Our flexible approach ensures that you get precisely what you need, when you need it, without compromising on your sustainability goals.