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Professional Services - AI and IoT

Our broad portfolio of Professional Services encompass the full lifecycle of a customer’s IT infrastructure and provide specialist expertise to ensure the delivery of best-practice solutions. From planning and solution design to project management, migration and deployment our technical capabilities will supplement your in-house skills and core offering, enabling you to skill up or scale quickly and easily to fully meet your customers’ requirements from a technology and business perspective.

Using a comprehensive facility management service that integrates IoT and AI technologies. IoT sensors installed throughout the premises continuously monitor various parameters such as energy usage, equipment performance, and environmental conditions. This real-time data is then fed into sophisticated AI algorithms, which analyse patterns, predict potential issues, and optimize operational efficiency. For instance, AI algorithms can predict equipment failures before they occur, enabling proactive maintenance to minimize downtime. Our system can automatically adjust heating, cooling, and lighting based on occupancy patterns to reduce energy waste. By leveraging IoT and AI, this service streamlines operations, reduces costs, and enhances overall productivity for businesses, providing a competitive edge in today's dynamic marketplace.

Our expertise extends across all major vendors including Microsoft, Cisco, VMware and Citrix, and encompasses a breadth of technologies including cloud, data centre, networking, virtualisation,
wireless, cyber security and unified communications.

Professional Services



We’ll work with you and your customer to understand the business drivers, requirements and overall solution deliverables.


A focus on developing a broader strategy to support the initiatives required to implement the solution.


A tactical deep dive to gain complete understanding of the existing technical environment including readiness assessments, audits and configuration reviewsimplement the solution.


A collaborative design methodology is used to formulate a design and implementation plan to take the customer’s environment from its current state to its desired state


Resources are put into place to build the required infrastructure and seamlessly deliver the solution


Adoption services including training and user education are used to ensure customers’ ROI expectations are achieveddeliver the solution


We can provide Managed Services to support the solution and the end user’s wider IT environment


Optimise services replay the initial vision and strategy, validate the implementation or provide recommendations to meet evolving business challenges and leverage the best ROI from a solution


Our Support services assist your support teams with post implementation steps such as transition and migration, and provide ongoing support to your teams

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